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SELUTEC GmbH About us


The main gadget of Messrs. Selutec is the installation of a product spectrum in the technique of laboratory and environment which meets the individual requirements of the user.

The decisive capacities of development for product innovation as the range of control and electro-technique, precision work technique are situated in our own company.

In tight cooperation with German and International research organizations new products are developed, tested and prepared for the launch into the market.

New Products and procedure

Eudiometera device for defining the volume of sewer gas under anaerobic conditions according DIN 38414
Respirometer BSBdigiRespirometer (Sapromat) BSBdigi with integrated
Respirometer BSBdigi CO2continual O2 and CO2 measuring for defining the biological catabolism under aerobe conditions.
Infra-red power heaterheating device (replacement for Bunsen burner) in different power sizes, IR 200 and IR 285
CO2-incubatorswith infra-red measuring technique as 16 and 20 l inner volume table device, TECO 10 and TECO 20
Special equipmentSpecial incubators and shakers
SELUTEC GmbH - Branding
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