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Laboratory - IR-Heater

Infra-red heater

Universal laboratory heaters, suitable for all laboratory tasks requiring warming up or sterilisation.

Possibilities of application

  • heating of retorts, bowls, test-tubes of various shapes
  • sterilization of instruments
  • softening or melting thermoplastic samples
  • assessing alcohol content according to Dr. Rebelein and sugar contend according to Dr. Jakob
  • power plug with lamp

IR 200 - performance 200 W - Order-no.: 600.002

Dimensions (WxDxH): 120 x 120 x 107 mm


  • facing grid (Order-no.: 010.087)
  • chassis 60 mm (Order-no.: 010.084)
  • chassis with integrated heating power regulator (Order-no.: 060.001)
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