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Laboratory - CO2-Incubators

CO2 small - Incubators with CO2-Infrared sensor. Developed especially for IVF- and Cell laboratories. This Incubator has been designed with just the right dimensions to be considered personal. The microprocessor - control guaranties precise, reproducible environmental condition's. Due to the advanced air circulation, this incubator offers a temperature accuracy specification of 0,1°C, CO2 is regulated via infrared control. Alarm messages guarantee total security in the event that the temperature or CO2 concentration exceed their preset limits or in case of Pressure drop inside the gas bottle.

CO2 - and temperature calibration per software adjustable

Temperature range 5°C above room temperature up to 45°C.
CO2 - concentration 0 to 10 Vol. %.

  • Interior parts can be dismantled
  • Gas isolated double glass door with magnetic seals
  • Easiness of interior cleaning
  • Self diagnostic capabilities
  • Compact dimensions make it transportable & easy to place


  • Alarm contact floating output (potential free)



TECO 10 - CO2 small-Incubator for personal use - 16 l internal volume - stainless steel casing

Integrated UV-lamp for sterilisation in the air circulation - void of ozone


  • 12 V version

Dimensions (WxDxH): 334 x 345 x 440 mm
Order no.: 600.034



TECO 20 E - CO2 small-Incubator - 20 l internal volume - Chemicals resistant coated exterior white

TECO 20 E - CO2 small-Incubator

  • with additional point of RS 232 Interface
  • PC-cable for RS 232 9-poles
  • incl. Windows Software WIN TE 1.0
  • Analyzing system for supervising and controlling of temperature and CO2 value

Dimensions (WxDxH): 340 x 335 x 525 mm

Order no.: 600.005

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