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Eudiometer of SELUTEC GmbHEnvironmental technology - Eudiometer

  • Determination of the rottenness according to DIN 38 414
  • Quantity of measure points: 6
  • All parts - Duran glass
  • Compact dimensions (special measurements for existing Incubators on request)
  • High density of gas
  • Easy to operate
  • Maintenance free stirring
  • Innocuous block liquidity
  • SEPTEN-valve for samples taking (gas space and watery medium)
  • Precise reading due to an exact scale
  • Temperature range 5°C - 55°C (optional up to 70°C)
  • Standard valve connection (to use your own reaction tubes)
  • very low price (model to test the anaerobic biodegrade)

Included in delivery

Together with each consignment you will get a detailed manual, giving you complete working instructions.


Standard intensified version for higher viscosity glasvolume according to DIN 38 414
Reaction vessel 250 ml 250 ml 500 ml
Eudiometer tube 150 ml 150 ml 300 ml
Level vessel 250 ml 250 ml 750 ml
Magnetic stirrer Standard intensified intensified
Stirrer 6 x 30 mm 10 x 60 mm 10 x 60 mm
Dimensions WxDxH 450 x 250 x 660 mm 450 x 250 x 660 mm 450 x 250 x 1030 mm
Order Number 600.006 600.028 600.031


  • Thermostat without water bath (Order number 010.112)
  • Thermostat for temperature range 25 - 100°C (Order number 020.175)
  • Grinded bracket (Order number 010.170)
  • Software program to calculate the produced quantity of Biogas under standard conditions, consideration of taken gas samples Calculation of parts of the theoretically produced quantity of Biogas (ThBiogas) or rather the part of Methane (ThCH4) (Order number 060.005)

Special model with two units in one temperature bath

Developpment and manufacture of special equipment and available in versions according to the customers' request